Richard and Misha Zeegers


Windermere/Van Vleet and Associates, Inc.

1117 E Jackson St

Medford, OR 97504

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 Richard has owned and operated a number of different small businesses throughout the Rogue Valley over his 16+ years of living locally and has learned valuable customer service skills along the way. Richard places an emphasis on residential real estate and strives to work hard and negotiate to the best of his abilities on his clients behalf. He is enthusiastic to continue to serve in his community and to become an integral part of helping people make the best home buying decisions they possibly can.

 Misha has several years of customer service experience and has gained a wealth of knowledge through several years of Freight brokerage experience and applies the gained skills in her every day Real Estate to work hard in making sure her clients needs are met.

  Richard and Misha teamed up as TeamRamz to allow them to double their efforts in getting the job done for their clients. They both share a passion for Real Estate and have enjoyed successes in buying selling and flipping Real Estate for years before they decided to become Licensed Agents and Help others do the same.

  When not working they enjoy golf, boating at the lake in the summer, family and Friends, attending as well as volunteering at their 2 children’s sporting events, and keep very busy with 5 Dogs.